NIU is gemaakt met het belangrijkste doel van het aanbieden van hoge kwaliteit lichtmetalen velgen met een licht gewicht en een elegant en essentieel design. Het merk is het geesteskind van David Laidelli, zeer gewaardeerde professional op het gebied van lichtmetalen wielen, met meer dan tien jaar ervaring in de velgen Branch. Onze producten bieden standaard een uitmuntende kwaliteit en afwerkingen, hierdoor zal NIU wheels een de beste kwaliteit leveren in zijn prijs klasse. 

NIU Wheels is een Jong en dynamisch merk, met een volwassen en mooi modellen gamma.

Pure kwaliteit, licht en super mooi design. 100% gemaakt en ontworpen in Italië.



The Niu-Bayern model is a lightweight alloy wheel for BMW cars, manufactured with special attention on performance and design. Five split spokes emerge from the hub and reach the rim creating a bending surface. In comparison with the similar series Niu-Ingolstadt, that have a remarkable dynamical attitude, this wheel expresses a perfect balance between dynamic, elegance and refinement, thanks to the curved surface. This alloy wheel series is dedicated and inspired from the Bavarian attitude and passion in the car industry.


This line of alloy wheels for AUDI cars is named after the Bavarian city of Ingolstadt (where AUDI has its headquarter). The pattern recalls the NIU-Wolfsburg series: five split spokes, integrating the application holes on the hub in the linear design. The main difference is the sharp design of the spokes that creates a sense of depth, and a three-dimensional effect. The spokes emerge from the center, deeper than the rim line, and stand up slightly upon the wheels surface, creating the illusion of a deeper concave wheel. The hollow and concave hub and the sharp design creates a distinctive aesthetic that communicates strength and dynamics. Lightness and durability, are the key-concepts that summarize the attitude of this model. Niu-Ingolstadt is going to be an essential component of your car.


The classic and elegant design of this alloy wheel for Mercedes cars is going to match perfectly with the elegant design of the cars, that the name "NIU Stuttgart" evokes. The usual five spokes are slender and form a traditional star pattern, with a slightly hollow middle part, and insert them self upon the narrow outer layer of the rim. The surface is flat, with the spoke arising barely upon the surface. This model is offered in Anthracite Polished or in Silver. Minimal forms and an elegant design distinguish this model. This series pays tribute to the city of Stuttgart (headquarter of Mercedes), considered the cradle of automobile.


The Wolfsburg model, created for Volkswagen cars, distinguishes itself for its wide split spokes that create a unique elegant pattern. The depth of the spokes nearness the hub integrates the five boltholes, and the flat design of the rim expresses the aspiration for elegance. The coloring of this line, available in polished black or in silver, recalls the elegance of the minimalist design. Niu Wolfsburg is part of the "dedica" line: an alloy rims series inspired by some places where several of the most appreciated cars in the world are made. This specific model is named after the city of Wolfsburg in Germany, famous for being the headquarter of Volkswagen, and for its special attitude to the car industry.